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Thought for the day:

To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome , not the obstacles.


Step back from your frustration and take a deep breath. Now is not the time to say or to do something you’ll regret.

Feel the power of your frustration and consider this. You can transform that power into disciplined, intentional, effective action.

When your frustration is begging you to do something right now, give yourself a little time to cool down. A measured response will put you in a much better position than an instant reaction.

Lashing out in frustration is likely to cause even more frustration and additional setbacks. Remind yourself there’s a better way.

Seek to do more than merely prove how frustrated you are. Channel that frustration into sustained positive efforts, into beneficial results.

Frustration is an unpleasant feeling, but it doesn’t have to lead to unpleasant results. Recognize the power in your frustration, and use that power to make real, lasting progress.


Cheers To Your Success!

Ralph Martson


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