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Very Good Morning ….  

Thought for the day:

Life is always not a matter of holding good cards, but also of playing a poor hand well

Robert Louis Stevenson

In life we can’t always control the situations. Life is not always fair and at the end of the day the position you find yourself in is not always ideal.

In my opinion, successful people are those who understand this dynamic and play the cards they are dealt; in other words, your success in life will often be foundered on your ability to play a poor hand well. The one aspect we hold control of in our life is our ability to choose.

While we can’t always control the situations in our life we do however have the ability to choose our attitude towards the situations life presents.

There will be nothing more important to the success of your life as is your ability to adopt a healthy attitude; a healthy attitude as opposed to what some people refer to as a positive attitude. I often hear people say ‘a positive attitude will allow you to do anything you put your mine to’. I am around 183 cm’s tall and weigh around 100 kg’s – no matter how positive I am, I will never make a successful jockey.

A healthy attitude is about maximising your strengths and managing your weaknesses. A person with a build like mine would do well turning their focus to a sport like Rugby.

For many, success is measured by the size of their house and the quality of the car they drive. Truth be known, I was once one of these people. A nice home and a luxury car are worthwhile goals to aspire to but not at the expense of family, friends and good health.

When you build the foundations of your life on the qualities of giving, living, loving and forgiving, you will have unlocked the gateway to fulfilled happiness, the true measure of a successful life.

Remember that the sun will always rise in the east and will always set in the west. What happens between sunrise and sunset is what we call life. Play the cards life deals you. It is the only life you have!


Mark Horton


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