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Very Good Morning ….  


Thought for the day:

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success

Napoleon Hill


No matter whether you are a celebrity, minister, monk, businessman or from any other profession. We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use it changes our destiny. Most of us complain that we don’t have enough time to do all the things that we want. But we keep wasting a lot of time daily willingly or unwillingly. Most of us just pass time doing things that is good for nothing for our future perspective. For an example, some of us keep talking about others whenever have some spare time in office. If I ask purpose for these gossips, they will say it is just to pass the time. If I ask, are you satisfied in life where you are? They will say no. Then why to just pass the time doing things that does not really matter. Why not to do something about the things that really matter to you in the long run.

Time is life.

If you are wasting time, you are wasting life. I am not saying to stop enjoying life and to do work all the time. It is all right to talk to your friends, listening your favourite music, going for movies, and read what you love. But don’t do these things just to pass your time, while you have a plenty of dreams yet to achieve in life. Use your time well to enjoy as well as to work on the other important things.

The worth of time

If we truly understand the value of time, we will not waste a single minute of it. No matter how busy we are, we all get small chunks of spare time every day. Whenever you have 15 minutes spare don’t just talk about others. I have seen a plenty of people who want to make a better world. But the funny thing is they want to change others first. They criticize others all the time. I will rather say make best of yourself and your world will change. This world is merely a reflection of our thoughts. We will see the things not as they are but as we are.

Making most of the Time

Whenever you have some spare time between your works, use it for reading something that are more useful to you. If you are doing job and thinking about starting your own business read that kind of stuff. If you are already in business and thinking about improving your relationships, use spare time to read about it. If you want to sharp your skill or want to learn a new technology, use that little time everyday to read on that subject. You do not always need to join any external training centres to learn things you want. You will find a lot of stuff on almost everything on the internet. If you are saying that I am already full of work and not able to study more between those spare time intervals, then work on your hobby or plan a trip. Because you know well that you have wasted so many weekends doing nothing because you just did not had any plan for fun.


Cheers To Your Success!

Deepak Rajpal


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