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Thought for the day:

You’re never a loser until you quit trying. — Mike Ditka


Explore the far reaches of your awareness. Dive into the depths of your existence.


Somewhere in all that is positive energy. Expect to find it and you will.


It won’t be in the first place you look, maybe not even in the fourth or fifth. Yet it is there, and if you persist a little longer, you’ll come across it.


Move your focus quickly away from what drains you, and move on to something else. Somewhere in there, out there, over there, around that particular corner, you’ll find what animates you.


In what you remember, in what you anticipate, in what you love and value, is a treasure trove of positive energy. In old hopes, in new discoveries, something waits to resonate with your highest concept of yourself.


Keep going until you’ve uncovered it, and take your fill. Then share that unique and beautiful positive energy with all of life.


Cheers To Your Success!


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