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Thought for the day:

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. — Epictetus


You always have the opportunity to make a good decision. Yet you’ll rarely ever be able to make a perfect decision.

You’re going to be confronted with conflicting considerations. You’re going to have to prioritize some desirable options over other desirable options.

Efficiency is a valuable thing to pursue, but not to the degree that it makes flexibility impossible. Safety is a very important consideration, but it is certainly not the only consideration.

Some amounts of risk and uncertainty are necessary if anything is to get done. Some trade offs and compromises must be made so that everyone can agree to cooperate.

You can be inspired and informed by your vision of a perfect world. Yet you must do your work and live your life in the real world, with its imperfections and conflicting priorities.

Instead of holding out for a perfect decision, seek to make and to implement the best available decision. Move toward perfection while recognizing and working with the realities you have.



Ralph Martson

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