From the author of titles such as 93 Extraordinary Refral Systems and Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got, read by business people at companies large and small.

What you will discover inside:

This short primer and straight forward, no bulls**t guide reveals:

  • An entirely fresh, new way to view and approach your small business marketing.
  • The often overlooked marketing errors made by both big & small business owners that leads to fatal consequences. You might want to check out how many you’re currently making.
  • How to catapult your business beyond everyone else’s with your current marketing budget even if you don’t have any yet.
  • The two forms of advertising that can either mar your business or trigger a domino like effect of new customers and sales.
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Get Applicable Solutions To Business Problems

Here are a few quick self diagnostic questions we would like you to answer:

  • Does your USP impact your marketing?
  • Do you know if your marketing effort is paying off or will pay off?
  • Are you able to determine and address your customers & prospects need?
  • Do you know What your prospect / customers really experience before & after they do business with you?
  • How do you come out of a ‘No Sales’ business problem? Do you cut prices?
  • Are you able to get customers to keep buying more from you regularly?
  • What will happen to your sales today, if you raised prices by 10, 20, 30 or even 100%? Will you still make your average sales?
  • Are you able to make your Ads, TV and radio commercials successful?
  • When was the last time your advertising worked & paid off?

If you found yourself answering more NOs than Yeses, then your business needs a quick painless Surgical attention…a Surgery non the less. Download your free copy Now and learn how to solve these business problems regardless of your industry or business size.

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This Short Primer, Straight Forward Guide Is A Quick And Easy Read With:

  • 10 action packed chapters of No B.S
  • Maximum 2 pages per chapter
  • Less than 5min reading per chapter
  • Easily applicable solutions to atleast one or all of your current business challenges.
  • Interestingly, the Solutions Dont require any more marketing Naira than what you’re already investing.
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