What are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to rather than read. Audiobooks can be exact word-for-word versions of books or abridged versions.

What are the benefits?

When you can’t read, listen! Audiobooks are a great way to relax – to give your eyes a rest from the constant onslaught of digital screens.

  1. Time management – it’s a good way to save time. For instance, you can keep up with learning about any desired skill even if you no longer have time to sit with a regular book to read for long.
  2. Multitasking – you can listen to your favourite business book while doing something else like cooking, gardening, commuting or taking a long walk. We describe it as “getting inspired on the go”.
  3. It improves Memory – Your ability to retain information keeps improving with the number of audiobooks you listen to. And as your brain learns to remember the information from the story-line, it also becomes better at remembering other things of your life.
How are they played / listened to?

You can listen to audiobooks on a portable music player (mp3), cell phone, computer, tablet, home speaker system, or in cars.

What are the audiobook formats available?

When you purchase audiobooks from the iaudify.com.ng store, they are usually in MP3 format. However, there are other audio formats like: WMA (Windows Media Audio) and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) e.t.c.

What is the difference between Abriged and Unabriged Audiobook?

Abridged Audiobook

An abridged book is a shortened version of the book created by using few words. Though certain words are removed yet not changing the sense of the book.

Unabridged Audiobook

An unabridged book is the opposite. It means that the book contains all the original content, and nothing has been removed or shortened.

How do I buy audiobooks from iaudify?

You do that in 4 simple steps:

  1. Search for your favourite audiobook title.
  2. Click Add to Basket & follow the Checkout process.
  3. Make payment via bank transfer.
  4. Download the book from your mail or log into your iaudify account & play on any device.
How do I make payments?

Payments are made only through Mobile / Bank transfers to the company account details that will be revealed to you during the checkout process. We don’t process payment on the site for now.

What is your refund policy?

You only get a refund, if your audiobook is not yet delivered to you.

How do I get my purchased audiobook?

Log in to your iAudify account or check the email sent to you on completion of your purchase, then download your audio book.

Can I download my audiobook at a later date?

YES! Simply log in to your iAudify account or check the email sent to you on completion of your purchase.

What if I am unable to download my audiobook?

Well this is not what usually happens when you download an audio book from iaudify.com.ng. Most time, this can happen due to Network issues, which stops the download after sometime. In case you are facing this problem it is advisable to try again when your network is at its best.

Must I create an account with iAudify before I buy an audio book?

NO! However, it is advisable you do. This will enable you keep a library of your audiobooks online and when you lose it you can always come back for it.

How do I create an Account on iAudify?

You do that in 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on login / register at the top of the website.
  2. Enter your email and create password under the Register column.
  3. Activate the recaptcha security feature.
  4. Click register.
When are returns allowed?

Returns are allowed only when the wrong title is delivered to you.

My audiobook is not in MP3 format, what can I do?

In event you got your book in a wrong format i.e. mb4, ma4 or wma, we will simply replace with an mp3 format audiobook.

How do I get a refund?

You only get a refund, if your audiobook is not yet delivered to you. If it is not yet delivered to you, just send us a mail with the title “Requesting a Refund” and We will refund you within 48hrs tops.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Member

Membership is exclusive and free to our customers. Which mean to become a member you must have made at least a purchase from our audiobook store before.

What Is the Difference between Standard, Gold & Diamond Plans?

The Standard plan is a Free lifetime subscription, with Access granted to you for the standard resources listed in the membership plan section here.

The Gold plan is a premium monthly subscription, with Access granted to you for ONLY resources for that month. No Access to resources for previous months not subscribed to.

The Diamond plan is a premium subscription billed yearly, with complete access to ALL resources.

How Do I Register?

Simply choose from any of the membership plans i.e Free Plan.

  • Click on SignUp Now
  • Fill out the form with your correct details.
  • Provide any detail of previous/current purchased product like name, order no. etc.
  • Click Register.
  • Confirm your email via the email sent to you and you’re done.
  • Wait for admin to approve your registration.
How Do I Make Payment?

Payments are made via bank transfers. Payment details are thereafter sent via text. All details are sent during the premium subscription process.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

TTHB is our premium way of looking after our customers wellbeing, hence this terms:

  • You must have been a customer. That is, bought at least an audiobook from us.
  • Alternatively, you were referred by a member (ThinkNovator), in that case you must provide the full name or username of the referrer during registration which in turn entitles both of you to a 25% discount (on his next purchase & your second purchase.)
  • You must agree to at least give the ideas shared a chance by taking the actions required to implement them. That is, participating in their implementation exercise and sharing your experiences, results or challenges with the hub on our social media platform.

Here is How Your Membership Works:

The Deal

We offer You 6 audiobooks, 6 books (pdf), 12 book summaries (pdf), plus bi- weekly business / career advice newsletter you can use. All for Free! You have no obligation to upgrade to premium plan where you get 24 audiobooks, 24 books (pdf), 24 book summaries (pdf), 24 book summaries (audiobooks) and access to live training sessions with business gurus.

What You Get

We offer selected books, audiobooks, summaries and training materials that covers subjects of concern to business people today: Management techniques… Advertising & Marketing, Productivity… Leadership & Motivation… Career Advice… Hiring & Firing… Health & Fitness… Effective Communication… Negotiation…Time Management… Small Business Tactics…Strategic Planning… And much more.

Keeping In Touch

We will send you The Daily Morning Thought Letter, The ThinkNovators Newsletter bi-monthly and ReThink Magazine Quarterly.

Breaking Up Is Easy

If at any time you find that we are not serving your needs, you can end your membership. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you choose not to participate in the ideas implementation exercises and sharing your experiences, results or challenges with the hub on our social media platform.

Staying Is Better

Stay with us and you will get lots of benefits, like our Audiobook-Dividend plan that offers you a variety of fine audiobooks at savings of 50% off retail prices.

You Mean A Lot To Us

If at any time we can do anything to make you happier, please let us know.

4 Key Benefits You'll Recieve
  1. Get ideas you can use
  2. Increase your business confidence
  3. You’ll learn more and remember more
  4. Reduce your reading time by hundreds of hours.
What Type of Contents Do I Get Access To?

You will get access to materials that covers subjects of concern to business & career people today: Management techniques, Advertising & Marketing, Productivity…Leadership & Motivation…Career Advice…Effective Communication…Hiring & Firing…Health & Fitness…Negotiation…Time Management…Small Business Tactics…Strategic Planning…And much more.


What Are The Content Format?

A collection of Business and Career success tools & materials in Audiobooks, Ebooks, Books (pdf), Articles, Magazines and Video Training Courses and sometimes softwares or App tools recommendation. etc.

How Are They Delivered

Both in downloadable, on screen format and via our social media channels. More ways are also being explored.

If you did not find the answers you’re looking for, leave us a message or call through any of our contact details.