Who We Are

iAudify is Nigeria’s #1 Self-help audiobook store for entrepreneurs and everyone who want to succeed in any area of your personal life or career.

At iAudify, we only carry the best audiobooks that caters for the entrepreneurs need to the minutest detail. Our carefully curated vintage titles covers business start-up to accelerating growth, leadership & management, sales & marketing to Money making, Finance & Investment.

Audiobooks that help you Deal with Change (economic & personal), achieve Success…..even in relationships, marriage & parenting etc. The best part is….ALL titles comes at an unbelievable price range.

The Best Prices You Can’t find Anywhere. 

Our Belief

Our Audio Book Selection Guide…

We believe the journey of success requires continuous re-invention. Hence, the need for regular self-motivation, and what better way to get inspired than having the finest mind in your pocket to inspire you to success On The Go?

Audiobooks (especially those we carry on iAudify.com.ng) provide you that opportunity. Now you don’t have to wait till you’ve got enough time on your hand to read before picking up your favourite book. Now you can just listen to it on the go…whether you’re between shores, commuting, exercising, eating or even sleeping.

Our Mission

Our Two Important Goals.

  1. To inspire you to become the best there is in your business and experience success in every possible area of concern to you as a result of the audiobooks (Books Made into Spoken Word) we have carefully curated for your benefit.
  2. To inspire entrepreneurs who will not only benefit from this site as customers, but also become partners who also make money every time we sell a product.
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Our Partnership

Partnership that Works

We are building a network of entrepreneurs interested in making money on part – time basis. Hence, Our free partnership program that makes you money every time we sell. An excellent way to generate more revenue with your website and social media platforms.

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